Thank you for showing interest by opening this site. We at GUN – X appreciate your interest. We welcome you to become part of the family at this institution.

Let me, Steve explain to you what Gun-X Shooting Academy offers you and your family.

I am an ITA (international training academy) instructor, a tactical instructor and an assessor. We at GUN РX shooting academy is housed at and part of Hot Shot Centre.  We are highly qualified in the firearm industry as well as firearm training. We do firearm proficiency qualifications, range officer courses and tactical courses.

For each firearm proficiency you will receive, after qualifying, a certificate registered with PFTC and SAQA. We will assist you with all SAP documents regarding competencies and firearm applications. This is part of our service.

During tactical training we will train you and your family to become competent to handle your firearm irrespective the scenario you may find yourself in.

Please contact us for more unformation


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